A mile in our shoes: How Tangiers’ expertise spans the industry

Being flung into a full-scale medical emergency is something most of us hope we’ll never have to experience first hand.

For the patients who find Tangiers International managing their case, however, it can help to know the company has been there before.

In almost any role imaginable.

Tangiers International utilises the professional expertise of hundreds of specialists, both in country and based remotely, who understand every aspect of medical case management.

These field agents, managers, doctors and industry veterans are well-versed in getting patients assessed, treated and on track to return to work, despite the physical or psychological injuries they may have endured.

Take Enes Mujanovic, for example. The Bosnian-national joined the Tangiers team more than a decade ago as a field agent, before soon progressing to case manager – a role he currently occupies.

However, the knowledge he brought to the job 11 years ago had been partly gleaned from previous roles within the industry, including that of a civilian contractor.

He said: “I was working for a large US company in logistics and operations in Iraq between 2003 and 2007. The year after I left, I joined Tangiers International as a field agent.”

Enes believes the background he brings to Tangiers allows him a unique perspective in handling medical cases, giving him insight into the experiences of the contractors he deals with on a daily basis.

“You have to have some kind of understanding with people who are in these situations and having this first-hand experience helps me appreciate and understand,” he added.

Enes is not the only employee who has clocked up miles in other aspects of the industry before finally landing at Tangiers.

In fact, the company is brimming with managers, field agents and behind-the-scenes staff who have been immersed in medical case management and claims handling for years, meaning unpredictable situations can be countered with field-tested experience.

Before joining Tangiers International as a medical advisor, becoming its medical director afterwards, Dr John Quinn occupied a variety of roles relating to emergency medicine and hostile environments.

Tim Crabtree, Tangiers International’s national accounts director in the United States, is another member of the Tangiers team whose experience – in this case both in law enforcement and private investigations – adds several more strings to the company’s bow.

Meanwhile, the company’s network of local field agents positioned in country means crucial solutions can be facilitated by individuals who know the local culture inside out.

In fact, Tangiers International’s focus on skills and experience, choosing the most suitable candidates to do the job in all four corners of the globe, allows the company to thrive in locations where those skills are usually tested to breaking point.

This means that when the progression of cases is hindered by political instability, extreme weather conditions, bureaucratic hurdles or transport complications, Tangiers is able to find solutions where others would flounder.

So when an individual does find themselves thrown into an emergency situation, they are in a safe pair of hands.