Medical case management capable of raising a smile

Travelling abroad for a medical examination is something likely to elicit a weary lack of enthusiasm in most right-thinking members of the public.

Flight delays, impatient doctors, medical jargon and hours sat in different waiting rooms – not fun at all.

So when things go smoothly – or even enjoyably – it can take some claimants a little by surprise.

“Michael”, an American civilian contractor working on a US Naval base in Okinawa, Japan, sustained a shoulder injury while carrying out work on a military vehicle in late 2014.

Although the injury to the contractor’s shoulder didn’t seem too serious at first, within two weeks he was having difficulty raising his arm.

In August of the following year, Tangiers International was instructed to manage the medical case for Michael’s insurer. The first step was to arrange an Independent Medical Examination (IME) in Singapore.

Nico Pierni, Tangiers’ regional manager for Asia, immediately moved to make sure everything would go without a hitch.

After getting in touch with Michael, Nico began arranging the flights, accommodation, transport and everything else to ensure the examination would cause as little disruption as possible.

And it was an effort which paid off when Michael finally landed in Singapore.

The American was met at the airport by a driver, whisked to a hotel (conveniently located adjacent to the hospital) and met by Nico, who was able to fill him in on exactly what to expect while he was there.

Michael said: “Tangiers had everything timed perfectly and I couldn’t have been more pleased.

“The drivers were on time, Mr Pierni from Tangiers knew exactly where each doctor’s office was located. Each office that we visited, the doctors greeted me by name without me having to introduce myself and took me straight back to begin testing.

“Mr Pierni scheduled everything perfectly and no time was wasted sitting in the lobby waiting to be seen.”

Michael added that, even though the trip was for medical purposes, it had actually been hugely enjoyable.

The case demonstrates the work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure that claimants are treated as individuals and kept up-to-speed with everything that is going on with their medical claim.

Nico said: “We have a person who is travelling from one country to another country. My first focus is on making this as comfortable as possible for the individual, on making this the most painless process as possible.

“He was a little surprised that we wanted to move him from Okinawa to Singapore. But I was very transparent with the process and that got his confidence.

“From that time I established with him a date of when he was able to travel. As soon as I got this availability, I was able to arrange a flight, the hotel very close to the hospital, and the day that he arrived.

“The next morning I was in Singapore as well to pick him up from the hotel and take him to the hospital to do the IME.”