Taking the chance out of medical treatment abroad

Obtaining medical services abroad can sometimes feel like a roll of the dice.

Perhaps you’ll get lucky and be greeted with state-of-the-art equipment, professional medical staff and spotlessly scrubbed floors.

Or perhaps not.

Outside of the developed world, medical facilities can leave a lot to be desired, especially if you’re in a remote area or travelling through a region with poor infrastructure or experiencing political instability.

Horror stories abound of travellers being forced to seek local medical treatment and being confronted with the realities of local healthcare: poorly trained staff, a lack of hygiene, out-of-date equipment or day-long waits to be examined.

When these are combined with a serious ailment, meanwhile, unexpected medical care can quickly become a worst-case scenario.

Tangiers International knows this. That’s why its up-to-date list of recommended medical providers aims to give its customers the power to locate tried-and-tested hospitals and clinics everywhere from Romania to Rwanda.

The service is provided through the Tangiers International Customer App meaning that policy holders can pull up a list of healthcare providers based on their country and city with just a few clicks.

The directory includes the type of provision – whether hospital, clinic or health practitioner – the full address of the provider, and contact details to ensure obtaining treatment goes as smoothly as possible.

Opening up the Customer App, the policy holder can access a selection of recommended medical providers located in several cities across the country. Once they have chosen a provider, they can immediately head there, safe in the knowledge that the medical care offered has been vetted to ensure standards.

Let’s take an example: a holidaymaker contracts what they think is food poisoning while in Cairo, Egypt. Over-the-counter medication hasn’t done the trick and they make the decision to pursue medical assessment.

Opening up the app, the policy holder selects Egypt from the drop-down menu, chooses provider type ‘hospital’ and is presented with a list of cities/neighbourhoods. For Cairo, he or she can then choose between the districts of El Manial, Al Maadi, Nasr City, or Heliopolis, depending on where they happen to be located.

A quick Uber through the streets of Cairo later, they arrive at the hospital, confident that it provides the standard of healthcare they need.

If a guarantee of payment is required by the medical provider before treatment can be undertaken, the policy holder can get in touch with Tangiers International – again using the app – to speak to a representative in person.

By using the Customer App, the policy holder has removed the added uncertainty of en-trusting their medical assessment and treatment to chance. Anyone who has experienced poor health abroad knows how valuable this can be.

A searchable directory of recommended healthcare providers is just one of the services available through the Tangiers International Customer Service App. Launched in 2017 and available on iOS and Android, the app is an invaluable addition to a traveller’s safety abroad.