Tangiers’ global network of managers converges for annual meeting

One size most definitely does not fit all when operating in diverse cultures, said Tangiers International’s managing director Jane Hegeler following the annual conference for the company’s senior managers this month.

The team converged on Antalya, Turkey, from all four corners of the globe to share experiences, discuss ways of working more efficiently and ensure everyone was up-to-date with the latest EU legislation.

Jane was joined by Tangiers’ medical specialists, case managers, regional managers and others for five days of informal talks aimed at offering the best possible service to clients and claimants alike.

Jane, who described the event as “an exchange of information and experiences” said: “The conference is always fairly loose. It’s about learning from each other, seeing solutions to specific problems and seeing if we could apply those elsewhere.

“For example, we might say, look, this guy had this experience in the Philippines, would this apply to a similar situation in Kosovo?

“Of course, due to the sheer breadth of countries we operate in, it’s impossible to develop protocol which works everywhere.

“Everybody at Tangiers understands that one model does not fit all, so our strength is having specialists based in the regions they cover and tailoring their approach to that particular culture, healthcare system or political situation.”

As well as discussing successes and challenges faced in the field, Jane and the team also focused on plans to expand the company’s medical advisory panel as well as ensuring that everyone was compliant with the latest data protection regulation.

Meanwhile, Jane also attended an external industry conference in Hong Kong in April, hosted by International Assistance Group (IAG) where she was able to share Tangiers’ expertise with industry peers.

IAG, a global alliance of more than 130 independent assistance companies, service providers and correspondents, brings together industry leaders from the roadside, medical, travel, corporate and home insurance markets.

Jane said: “This is the first time Tangiers International has been represented at the conference. It’s where innovative leaders in the industry come together.

“As part of Tangiers’ involvement, I gave a talk about the challenges we regularly face in countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

“In the assistance world, if you have a case in Spain, it’s pretty standard but operating in an active or recent war zone changes everything.

“Within Afghanistan, for example, you have 13 different ethnic groups, countless security threats, roadblocks, bombings, infrastructure and travel difficulties.

“Being aware of all of these challenges comes from having local intelligence on the ground.

“Of course, we face many of the same issues as anyone else in the industry, but with our field agents in country, we can overcome them much faster than anyone else.”

Tangiers International became an accredited member of IAG’s partnership program earlier this year, specialising in providing services for both Malta and conflict zones around the world.

The conference was a welcome opportunity to network with peers and share knowledge which benefited the industry as a whole.

“Everyone there was really passionate about the work that they do and also about working with providers to improve their services,” added Jane.