Tangiers joins fight for women’s empowerment

Tangiers International has joined the fight for women’s empowerment globally by advocating for United Nations-supported principles for change.

The Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEP) is an initiative focused on empowering women in the workplace, the marketplace and the wider community.

By agreeing to abide by seven principles, participating companies hope to create more just societies in which women play a central role at the highest level.

Tangiers International, part of the Tangiers Group, has joined more than 1,800 of the world’s top companies in signing up to the initiative and acting as a global inspiration for change.

“Tangiers has got a global footprint and employs women in lots of different roles all over the world. In fact, about half of our employees are women.

“In terms of recruitment, we go on the best person for the job – regardless of their gender. And of course our training and professional development is available to anybody in the organisation.

“Because of the importance we put in gender equality, the seven principles were already implemented in how we operate daily but we thought that signing up would be a great way to advocate this initiative to a wider audience.”

The Women’s Empowerment Principles, a product of UN Women and the UN Global Compact, include various ways companies can support women in the workplace and beyond.

These include: establishing high-level corporate leadership for gender equality; treating men and women fairly at work; promoting education, training and professional development for women; and measuring and publicly reporting on progress to achieve gender equality

Tangiers International, which offers a range of services including claims handling, medical case management and claims investigation in some of the world’s most remote or dangerous regions, has women in crucial roles at all levels of the company.

“We have case managers and field agents everywhere from Afghanistan to Macedonia and Kosovo who are women.”

Working in diverse and sometimes socially conservative cultures means Tangiers needs a diverse workforce which can respond to a variety of challenges. By employing capable and qualified women, the company ensures it gets a greater range of perspectives as well as acting as an inspiration to industry peers.

“We handle claims all over the globe so we need to be sensitive to various cultural requirements.”

“When it comes to discussing medical matters, or using translators, we need to ensure the claimant is as comfortable as possible. Especially in countries where it is not common for a woman to be alone with a man.”

Pay gaps between men and women are a hot topic at the moment and Tangiers International is keen to ensure women know they are being paid according to their abilities – not their gender.

“Each of our roles here has a pay scale assigned to it which means our employees can be confident they are being paid according to their experience. This openness about pay is across the board.”

Tangiers International, a Certified B Corporation – meaning it prioritises social responsibility at every level of the business, hopes other companies will join it in ensuring women are given the opportunities they deserve to progress.