Tangiers joins global alliance of service providers

Tangiers International has joined forces with some of the world’s most respected service providers to cement its position as an industry leader.

The company has recently become an accredited service provider in the partnership program run by International Assistance Group (IAG) for both Malta and conflict zones around the world.

IAG, a global alliance of more than 130 independent assistance companies, service providers and correspondents, brings together industry leaders who specialise in roadside, medical, travel, corporate and home assistance for a variety of clients.

The internationally-recognised accreditation will bring greater visibility to Tangiers’ services and allow a whole raft of opportunities for the company to meet and knowledge-share with industry peers.

Managing director of Tangiers International Jane Hegeler said: “Obviously it’s a great honour and a delight to be part of IAG and it’s something we as a company have wanted to be part of for a while. We’re already looking forward to joining in and meeting with other members within the group.”

Tangiers, which has its headquarters in Malta, relies on its highly-trained team of field agents and case managers who are located in some of the world’s most dangerous or politically volatile regions including Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Libya.

These agents and managers provide crucial on-the-ground services including medical case management and evacuation, claims investigation and security assistance.

The company is able to navigate sometimes labyrinthine local bureaucracy, overcome obstacles to patients’ medical improvement and access some of the most remote regions on Earth by working closely with local experts – all orchestrated from its Maltese base.

The partnership announcement follows a thorough vetting process in which Tangiers International was able to demonstrate its operational strengths and how it achieved day-to-day goals, both in Malta and further afield.

IAG, which was formed in 1992, aids its accredited partners in achieving their business aims by providing operational support, global recognition and access to IAG Academy – a unique industry-training programme which aims to share skills among its members.

IAG Forums, meanwhile, are invaluable opportunities to network and discuss industry hot topics – benefiting all members from increased collaboration and shared expertise.

General manager of IAG Cécile Hermetz said: “IAG is the largest alliance of medical, travel and roadside assistance companies in the world. “We help our partners to be even more successful in their own market by offering them a full range of services which maintain their competitiveness.

“We are interested in having as many players as possible in conflict zones around the world. When things happen, these are very interesting cases which require expert knowledge.

“Tangiers has people on the ground with local experience and in-depth knowledge of local issues – people who are able to find solutions in extremely difficult situations.”

As a newly-accredited service providers  member, Tangiers will be able to attend IAG’s meetings, which take place at various locations throughout the year.

The next meeting will be held in Hong Kong in April and will give Tangiers an opportunity to get to know fellow accredited members, meet potential clients and offer its own expertise in solving common industry problems.