The year ahead: Global challenges and robust solutions

Global instability means Tangiers International will “bulk up” its presence in some of the world’s most dangerous hotspots in 2019.

Over the past 12 months the company has cemented its position as the go-to provider of ground support services in countries experiencing war, political instability or severe infrastructural challenges.

The company paid tribute to the managers, field agents and support staff who have allowed Tangiers to thrive in some of the most formidable working environments on Earth.

“We’ve had a tremendous year. It’s been so great seeing so many departments working together when necessary – ensuring on-the-ground support, medical evacuations and medical case management all run seamlessly.

“The fact is that, whatever the challenge, the team rises to it and works around the clock to make sure our patients’ safety is absolutely paramount.

“This year we have developed a little into Syria, Yemen and Mali. Next year we are really going to bulk up and enhance our ground support in these countries – training and integrating new agents, possibly expanding into new regions and developing the areas where our clients need us.”

The comments cap a successful 2018 for the company, with highlights including growth in crucial areas, continued commitment to social issues and further recognition within the industry and beyond.

Tangiers began the year by becoming an accredited service provider with the International Assistance Group (IAG) in January. In March, it proclaimed its commitment to gender equality by signing up to the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEP).

In April, the company held its annual conference in Antalya, Turkey, bringing together case and regional managers from as far afield as Afghanistan, Iraq, the Balkans, Thailand, Kenya and various European countries to exchange information and experiences in an informal setting.

The conference, the largest in the company’s history, was an opportunity to tighten protocols and procedures across the various regions where Tangiers International operates but also emphasise the need for bespoke approaches to specific challenges worldwide.

Meanwhile, in November, Tangiers was nominated as a finalist in the International Travel & Health Insurance Journal (ITIJ) Awards under the category of Assistance Company of the Year.

The past 12 months have also seen the successful adoption and expansion of the company’s dedicated customer service app – enabling policy holders to manage their claims, access crucial information and communicate with Tangiers at the touch of a button.

Behind the scenes, Tangiers invested in developing its own claims management system, ensuring claims could be processed with utmost efficiency.

“This year we have really focused on our services and operations as well as streamlining our internal processes. We’ve seen growth, but the focus has been on efficiency and ensuring everything is working as smoothly as possible.

“Next year our plan is to work on a lot of internal enhancements.  As technology develops, we want to keep ahead of the industry and we have a lot of projects in the pipeline that will continue that goal.

“Essentially, we’re looking to the challenges we expect to face in 2019 and we’re very confident that our protocols are robust enough to overcome them.”