Ukraine Crisis

Ukraine Crisis

Evacuations of persons based on immediate medical conditions or security risk situations.

Given the current situation in Ukraine, Tangiers International has stepped up its services that allows for the evacuation of persons on the basis of immediate medical conditions or else based on security risk situations.

Tangiers International’s Operations team along with it’s vetted partners within Ukraine and surrounding countries are able to execute both security and medical evacuations from various locations within Ukraine. Through their experience and first-hand on the ground knowledge we can provide feasible and prompt solutions to overcome the most daring challenges.

All operations are conducted in line with international best practices and supported by a specialised and experienced medical and security team.

Notifications and further enquiries for operations in Ukraine can be sent via the following contacts:

Email Address: [email protected]

  • USA toll free: +1-800-890-5807
  • Ukraine toll free 0800 801 435 (Ukraine local only)
  • Ukraine mobile +380 94 711 1640

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