Established global infrastructure

Growing & profitable company

Ongoing investments in new opportunities

Experienced management team

Tangiers’ dedicated field agents and in-country health care providers beat industry averages:







On-the-ground know-how

Tangiers succeeds globally by managing locally: over 100 dedicated and efficient field personnel and medical case managers live where they work.

Around the clock

We provide around-the-clock quality cost-effective measures to ensure adequate care and return to work, medical monitoring and emergency medical evacuation.

Around the world

Our network operates in environments that are remote or hostile, often both, under conditions that include war; inadequate medical facilities, treatment and standards; a lack of adequate documentation; language and cultural differences and fluctuating regulations and governments.

Comprehensive assistance and claims services

Our mission is to provide the best care possible for people who live and work internationally. Read our tales from the field here:

  • There aren’t many people who would describe claims investigating in some of the world’s most dangerous countries as “easy”. But when your previous career involved guarding a notorious Mafia boss and ensuring the Pope’s holiday plans went without incident – it becomes a little more......

  • There’s an old adage which says the first casualty of war is always truth. For Tangiers International’s specialised team of investigators, this can present a problem....

  • The treatment of injured or disabled military veterans is a high-profile and emotive issue. Recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan have seen a steady stream of combat troops returning with physical or mental trauma sustained during active deployment – and often finding the support available......

  • He had been guarding a convoy of vehicles travelling through the country when the incident occurred. The blast, followed by an attack with firearms, left him with horrific injuries along the right-hand side of his body - fractured femur, radial and humerus bones, as well as multiple shells scattered throughout his upper and lower limbs....

  • Following later roles with emergency medical assistance companies, Jane finally moved back to Europe before eventually joining the Tangiers team in Malta last year. And it was with this role she discovered the kinship which comes from those whose lives have been spent crossing national borders....


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