Established global infrastructure

Growing & profitable company

Ongoing investments in new opportunities

Experienced management team

Tangiers’ dedicated field agents and in-country health care providers beat industry averages:







On-the-ground know-how

Tangiers succeeds globally by managing locally: over 100 dedicated and efficient field personnel and medical case managers live where they work.

Around the clock

We provide around-the-clock quality cost-effective measures to ensure adequate care and return to work, medical monitoring and emergency medical evacuation.

Around the world

Our network operates in environments that are remote or hostile, often both, under conditions that include war; inadequate medical facilities, treatment and standards; a lack of adequate documentation; language and cultural differences and fluctuating regulations and governments.

Comprehensive assistance and claims services

Our mission is to provide the best care possible for people who live and work internationally. Read our tales from the field here:

  • Dr Bshar Ali had been instructed to travel to Iran to investigate the death of a Norwegian diver who’d suffered a heart attack in the Persian Gulf while working for an oil company....

  • We’ve all seen the horror stories: holidaymakers saddled with tens of thousands of dollars of medical bills after falling ill in the United States. In fact, it seems not a week goes by without another article in the press featuring a unsuspecting tourist who racks......

  • “Sister Prisha”, belonging to the Catholic order founded by Mother Teresa in Calcutta, India, found herself stranded in a Tripoli hospital after suffering potentially serious damage to her spine....

  • This terrifying scenario is an all too real possibility for those who find themselves in high-risk malaria zones without the crucial support or guidance of medical experts....

  • When you’re operating a diplomatic mission the size of a small town, you can expect the occasional mishap. For one civilian contractor in Iraq, this meant a bone-crunching encounter with an armoured SUV....


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