Medical Services

Independent Medical Examinations

Our local presence provides on-the-ground, personal support and coordination services

Independent Medical Exam (IME)

The IME is a definitive and one-time evaluation performed by an independent medical examiner not already associated with the case who is not treating the patient or claimant.It answers questions posed by the party requesting the IME as to diagnosis, treatment plan and prognosis. IMEs seek to resolve questions about a patient’s medical condition, including what treatment is or was necessary, what further diagnostics may be required and the degree, if any, of any potential permanent impairment.

The IME is a definitive clinical review by a medical expert specialist in the desired and related field. The comprehensive report is defensible, transparent and impartial.

We’ve customised our Independent Medical Examination & Evaluation services to meet the unique challenges of the international environment. We work closely with our customers and industry experts to develop and create ideal services, tools and work flow. Our medical network provides unparalleled diagnostic, second opinion, disability and treatment verifications, validations and opinions. Our local presence provides on-the-ground, personal support and coordination services.

We provide access to certified physicians for rapid mitigation of injuries in conjunction with the independent recommendations for best outcomes and treatments. Our suite of services includes:

  • Causation determinations
  • Medical necessity determinations
  • Medical record reviews
  • Pre-existing condition determinations
  • Reasonable and customary cost determinations

Through our international and independent medical network of certified physicians we arrange for:

  • Focused peer reviews
  • General peer reviews
  • Radiology peer reviews
  • Second medical opinions
  • Return to work projections

Our most common cases include war hazards, workers compensation, personal injury, civil litigation, product liability, long and short term disability, second medical opinion for surgery, return to work, and many other physical and psychological injury claims.