Emergency Assistance

Emergency Assistance

We excel in providing service in the most challenging environments

Tangiers International provides comprehensive support and solutions for the medical, emergency and technical assistance needs of holiday makers, business travellers, expatriates and local nationals, wherever they are in the world.

Tangiers International maintains a network of over 40,000 medical service and emergency assistance providers in 192 countries. Our people on the ground find the most appropriate hospitals, emergency service providers, translate, organize, handle logistics and liaise with local governments.

Using our cashless networks to keep things moving efficiently and effectively, local team members overcome cultural difference and languages to access quality healthcare and emergency response professionals at appropriate and contained costs.

Complementing our core medical and emergency assistance services, our global network provides assistance and coordination of travel-related requirements. We excel in providing service in the most challenging environments, ensuring that support and representation match our customers’ needs. Our Travel Services include:

  • Booking and prepaying for accommodation
  • Booking flights
  • Conducting emergency translations
  • Delivering money
  • Finding competent legal counsel
  • Replacing lost passports and travel documents
  • Transportation arrangements
  • Access to OBS Advisory, an online travel news and updates platform
  • Online claims processing
  • Access to Tangiers International App