Medical Services

Medical Service Solutions

Our onsite medical services are available to meet your employees’ needs

Tangiers International’s Integrated Medical Services Solutions is an industry leader in providing services to international companies operating in difficult areas around the globe.

Our employment medical programs and services are comprehensive and customisable to meet the individual needs of your organisation. Services include:

Assistance: providing medical service including air ambulances providers and evacuation services, medical escorts, and comprehensive coordination of medical care in an international atmosphere. It allows for several care needs including providing a 24-hour, on-call experienced Medical Director in this field, assistance in patient hospital admission, and offering ground ambulance transfer services.

Consultancy Services: consultancy support for you as you prepare to move into international markets. This includes creating a site health review, providing malaria risk assessments, creating baseline surveys for health over time, and conducting a health impact assessment.

Social Responsibility and Community Initiatives: provide a key advantage for international workers and related associates. Services include STD awareness and prevention services, project awareness for high-risk areas, workforce wellness programs to keep employees healthy, and programs for HIV, TB, and Malaria prevention and education.

Occupational Health Programs: comprehensive support on an ongoing basis, with offsite and onsite support. It offers pre-employment medical examinations prior deployment or onsite, annual visits to ensure employees remain healthy, exist visits to reduce risk going forward and for national project workforce needs.

Malaria Control Programs: implementing vector control measures as well as promoting and training project staff on Malaria awareness and prevention. We can help from basic environmental vector control up to setting up a full integrated project malaria Control Program along with developments of relative standard operating policies and procedure to mitigate projects disease incidence as well as risk of fatalities among the workforce on site.

Public Health Initiative and Products: extends beyond employees by providing workforce and community health education, incorporating prevention programs as well.

Supply Chain Support: supply chain protection. This includes providing an in-house supply chain platform and full delivery capability. It aids in helping with the procurement of medications and consumables so your employees always have the medical care and good quality medications they need. It also offers medical equipment support, related site maintenance and support for obtaining necessary support for water testing, malaria kits, mosquito nets, and repellents that help to keep employees safe and healthy on the ground.

Health and Medical Training: providing key skills in medical care. Our training services are extensive and include BLS, ACLS certified training programs, First Aid including Levels 1, 2, and 3, firefighting training, snake handling, and site water testing skill training. Each of these areas can be vital in not only keeping your employees safe, but also mitigating many of the risks related to working in highly dangerous environments internationally.

Remote Medical and Paramedical staffing and Medical Services: the best access to medical services. This include set up of remote site clinics and relative medical staffing solutions, high quality standards through regular internal medical quality audits, project healthcare cost control, and D&A testing programs along with training, sales and leasing of medical equipment, site staff training, equipment maintenance plans.

Additional services we may offer in your area include:

  • Medical-related deployment support
  • Pre-placement medical evaluations
  • Periodic medical evaluations
  • Return-to-work evaluations
  • Global fire response solutions
  • Site and International Emergency response plans and solutions
  • Emergency medical and travel assistance
  • Benefit coordination with health-insurance plans
  • Customized major medical risk analysis and tailored risk prevention plan development

For the highest level of customer service and a dedicated team of professionals willing to work hard to meet your unique needs, contact us today. Let’s discuss how our Integrated Medical Services Solutions at Tangiers International can support your next business venture or strengthen an existing project. Contact our team today for the support you need.