Claims Management

Claims Handling & Support Services

We have the unique ability to handle claims in difficult circumstances

Claims services are often provided under challenging conditions which may include war hostilities, lack of adequate documentation including birth and death certificates, language and cultural differences and varying or uncertain regulatory or governmental requirements.

Despite challenging conditions and environments, we have developed strong expertise in:

  • Accident and injury verifications
  • Alive and well checks
  • Beneficiary interviews and statements
  • Claimant interviews and statements
  • Claims investigations
  • Collection and translation of records
  • Death verifications
  • Documents delivery
  • Expense reimbursements
  • Handling settlement agreements and stipulation letters
  • Verification of banking details
  • Verification of receipts
  • Verification of signatures

Thanks to our network of local team members and supporting infrastructure, we have the unique ability to handle claims in difficult circumstances.