Medical Services

Medical Case Management

We have the unique ability to handle claims in difficult circumstances

Our medical team consists of US-based and other regionally located physicians, nurses and other medical professionals worldwide. Our specialties include Emergency Medicine, Orthopedics, Trauma Surgery, and General Practice.

We address the challenges that may undermine patient welfare, such as:

  • Cultural differences
  • Foreign languages
  • High medical costs
  • Lack of access to quality care
  • Lack of knowledge of medical concepts
  • Lack of trained physicians
  • Poor medical documentation
  • Security concerns

Our Medical Case Management programme is provided worldwide. All Medical Case Managers are Tangiers International team members, locally present and trained to deliver a consistent and standardised service, commensurate with our product, regardless of location.

Services within our Medical Case Management programme include:

  • Arranging second medical opinions
  • Attending medical appointments
  • Collection and translation of records
  • Communication with local medical providers and physicians
  • Cost projections
  • Delivering and obtaining completed forms
  • Medical impressions and return to work projections
  • Medical monitoring
  • Medical referrals and appointments
  • Medical translations
  • PPD rating
  • Pre-payment of expenses
  • Prescription shipment and delivery
  • Report-writing following AMA 6th edition guidelines
  • Setting international medical examination
  • Setting up and managing cashless medical networks