Medevac Assessment Form

The below information is used as a guide to facilitate medical transport for the purpose of ongoing medical care and follow-up as indicated.

  1. It is imperative that we obtain all the necessary documentation and that we speak to the relevant people before we make an informed decision and issue our recommendations: MR, FTF, direct conversation with the treating physician/family/companions, etc
  2. We revise treatment regularly and abide by the repatriation time guidelines.
  3. Air Ambulances is only recommended if:
    1. The patient´s condition is unlikely to improve in 3-4 weeks
    2. If the repatriation cannot be done by commercial airline at any point
    3. In case of urgent repatriation when the facility does not have the means to treat the patient

Specific items unique to medical transport:


Oxygen arrangements require 48-72 hours in advance of departure.

Activation Time

Air Ambulance arrangements require 4 to 24 hours in advance of departure depending on location.   Commercial stretcher arrangements require 5 to 7 days in advance of departure time may increase depending on location and availability (please note that some routes do not offer stretcher service)

Medical Escort(s)

Medical escort(s) arrangements require 24-48 hours in advance of departure.

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  • Part A: Patient Details

  • Diagnosis
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  • Part B: Treating Doctor’s details
  • Part C: Transport
  • Part D: Medical Travel Requirements